Atlanta, GA

Beauty and a Beast

Dani's Edition 1 C63s

The first thought in your mind when you hear Mercedes is Elegance. The first thought in your mind when you hear AMG is Beast. This C63s AMG is the best of both worlds. It packs 500 hp under the hood with all the bells and whistles you could imagine on the dash while your butt rest in that fancy diamond stitched interior. If you haven't noticed there seems to be something missing on this Edition 1 version of the C63s.. oh it's the bright yellow vinyl stripe! The owner wanted no parts of it and pulled it off immediately to have a stealthy aggressive matte finish instead. Who could blame him especially when his AGL43 wheels sport a copper lip that would clash with that bright yellow stripe anyway. Please take a gander at these photos but please keep the drool off your keyboard!


Check out his IG: @Dani_Butler_