Atlanta, GA

Fraternal Twins

Who doesn't love to hear a pair of raspy inline 6 M3's screaming through empty mountain curves. S54 powered cars have a very distinctive sound and with both of these cars having burble tunes you could hear them snap, crackle, and pop from a mile away. Jacob and Josh are close friends and some could mistake them as brothers. They definitely look the part with two identical E46 M3's built for function that would make the BMW Gods proud.  The White M3 sports a classic square set of 18x9.5 Volk TE37 wrapped in Michelin Pilot Sports on some BC Coils set for road hugging. The Silver M3 also wrapped in Michelin with matching tire letters has more of a form and function setup with Broadway bags managed by Air Lift that still keeps the performance aspect alive in the car but can still slap its lip on the ground for parking lot pimpin'. Check out the photos of this great tag team posted on a back road and imagine the sounds these things would make as they fly by!


Check out their Instagrams: @infamousM3 / @kurtzz_